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Amazing men's team finished second in the World Cup in Tbilisi

Amazing men’s team finished second in the World Cup in Tbilisi

vl Frederic Kindler (TSG Eislingen), Luis Bonah, Raoul Bonah, Matyas Szabo (Photo: Team Bizzi)

Dormagen. At the Fencing World Cup in the Georgian capital Tbilisi, the German men’s team caused a big surprise and took the silver medal.

After Max Hartung, Benedict Wagner and Richard Huberts ended their careers with the national team after the Olympics, national coach Vilmus Szabo had to put together a new team around his son and “old man” Matthias Szabo. The three ‘newcomers’, Lewis and Raul Bonah of TSV Bayer Dormagen and Fredrik Kindler of TSG Eislingen, seized the opportunity to prove themselves in their first World Cup of the season.

On the sixteenth board, the Germans defeated Poland by 45:32. In the quarter-finals, there was a narrow 45:43 success against the Iranian national team and in the semi-finals the quartet defeated the mighty Italians with the same score.

In the final against the South Koreans, who were ranked first, the German Sabers federation managed to keep up for a long time, only at the end of the fight Bongil Jo, Sanjuk Oh and Junho Kim separated from the young German. Team and win 45:38.

“An exciting result that really makes you want more,” said TS Fencing coordinator Olaf Kowald.

German Football Association sporting director Sven Riesel commented on the result, saying: “A great performance.” “After the resignations of old masters Hartung, Wagner and Huberts, national coach Vilmus Szabo formed a young and up-and-coming team around his son Matthias, who made a strong impression and managed to put a first exclamation point on the international stage. The German sword fence is still expected.”

Matthias Szabo was the best German in singles. He reached the round of 16, narrowly losing 13:15 to Korea’s Jonghan Kim. In the final bill, Szabo took 12th place. Raul Bona was 38th, and the other TSV fencers missed the jump on the 64th plate.

The German women’s quartet could not put themselves on the front lines without Anna Limbach and Larissa Effler. The first fight was lost against Bulgaria 43:45 and the tournament ended in favor of Liska Derkom, who debuted in the national team, Lia Krueger (both TSV Bayer Dormagen), Lisa Jett and Julika Funke (both Konzelsau). National coach Dan Costach’s team finished 17th.

In the singles, Lisa Jett was the best German with the 40th place. Julika Funk and Leah Krueger followed in the 57th and 61st places.