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AM: Hostesses from England start the tournament successfully

Mid-loop passes England

Flight attendants successfully start in EM

England won their opening match at Old Trafford against the unruly Austrians 1-0. Beth Meade became the player of the game, and she’s making the difference with a great hit.

Keep zero for as long as possible. The Austrians announced this as a goal in the opening match of the European Championship against England, as the Swiss did in the final rehearsal for the European Championship last Thursday against the same opponent.

In this comparison the Nazi won! While Bachmann & Co. conceded only the first goal in the title contender’s goal after 56 minutes, the Austrians scored the first after 16 minutes. In the end, Austria only lost 0:1 – and we lost 0:3. But the events of opening night should give our women’s national team courage.

Foreigners from Austria, at the last EM 2017 tournament as well as England in the semi-finals, entered the game with courage. Pay and die whenever possible. The plan was clear: take advantage of any wiggles of nerves on the part of the hosts, who have to deal with the pressures of intense expectations.

Med makes the difference

But the English women withstood their first endurance test – in front of more than 68,000 fans, which is a record! – Stand up and take the lead with the first attack well executed. Meade subtly outmaneuvered Ösi Zinsberger’s goalkeeper, and Wenninger’s attempt to clear the ball came too late – the ball completely crossed the line.

Here Mead from England scores the decisive goal

Favorite victories: Here Mead from England scores the decisive goal(00:23)

This lead after 16 minutes calmed the game for the England team, they dominated the match and put in a lot of effort, especially on the wings. White and Hemp missed their next best opportunity before the break. Even then, the English women got it wrong. And so they suddenly had to shiver for victory. Goalie Herps held the three points with a big block against Dunst (78). The start of this European Championship was successful for the English women.