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Altrich and Doddisfield play for second place in Class B

Altrich and Doddisfield play for second place in Class B

Who will be SG Hilscheid’s landing opponent in the fight for the last free place in Class A Mosel?

On Saturday at 6pm in Hasborn, the B Division II Football League teams, which have the same number of points after the season, SG Vulkaneifel Deudesfeld and SG Altrich, will face off for second place. Who will win the duel will meet SG Hilscheid/Gielert in the final next Wednesday (place and time not yet decided) in order to determine the third promoted A-League (after SG Haag and SV Wittlich).

Meanwhile, this match has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 15th, at 7:30pm in Mülheim.

“We have trained well twice, been very involved in training and anticipating a strong and challenging match that will be attended by many spectators from both camps. Even my mother declared herself from Oskirchen,” says Andreas Steffen, outgoing Altrich player and coach. It’s at least Steffen’s penultimate match, because after four years he left SG Altrich/Wengerohr-Bombogen for SG Ruwertal.

There was one win for each team in the league: the team led by top scorer Sebastian Winand lost 2-1 in the first leg, but turned the tables in the second leg four weeks ago with a 3-2 victory over SG Vulkaneifel. “Deudesfeld will want to win the match with everything they have. Like my team, they will be 120% motivated. It would be great if I could lead the team to the promotion, and it would be a very nice departure for me,” Stephen said. Apart from Tobias Clemens and Tom Truman, Those who have been injured for a long time, all players are available to him.

It could also be the last match for Michael Schuller, coach of SG Vulkaneifel, because after five years he will leave with United from Deudesfeld, dersdorf, Meerfeld and Bettenfeld and wants to take a creative break. “It would be great if I could say goodbye with the promotion. But it takes a lot of energy again.” The atmosphere in the team is perfect, says Schuller, who treats his opponent with great respect: “Altrich has a strong and compact offensive team, with Sebastian Wenand and Andy standing out from it. Stephen and Kai Konin are out. We have to knock them out on the wings and not get behind our defense.”

Schuller is also anticipating a 50:50 match in which he will determine the shape of the day and his luck. In this “unusual game, which is also very interesting and attractive to the viewers, both teams will give their everything. It will be combative, but both are also able to play football that requires a lot of technical requirements”, rejoices Schuler. Except for the injured Felix Bruce (groin) and Kevin Servatius (knee), all players are on board.