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Alti Corner Stores: A test of small stores in Australia

Aldi Nord and Aldi Chad are no longer available only in Germany. Internationally, discounts are also mentioned in Poland, Luxembourg, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK and China, the US and Australia. Aldi Corner stores are now being tested below.

ALT: Corner shops are coming

This is the first such Sydney. An urban target group should be reached, so the Sydney-based design office gave the Landini Associates store a great look. Colorful pictures of local artists, lots of brick and wood, small corner shop offers ready-made food, fresh produce and dry food. Customers pay for products on self-check-out by scanning themselves. As
According to reports, there will initially be four corner stores in Australia. Their area is about half the size of a regular alde.

Sushi, juice and salad – common in Edeka

The concept seems to work with sushi, coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, sandwiches & co. Grocery retailer Edeka has been doing it well for many years. It remains to be seen how Australian city dwellers will react to the new Aldi stores. Source: Computer Built regularly checks current offers
. Because in addition to corner stores, traditional deals are still with deals.