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Alpine skiing: Zermatt fears the Matterhorn premiere

FIS Speed ​​chief Trinkle appears concerned about the Matterhorn’s descent

“…then there will be no World Cup races at the end of the month.”

The first official training session on the descent of the all-new Matterhorn is scheduled to take place in three weeks. But the stunning premiere is in jeopardy.


Didier Devago of the Lower Valais built a unique slope at the foot of the Matterhorn.

A world upside down in the Matterhorn: the current forecasts of meteorologists, which predict a warm and golden October, completely spoil the mood of some citizens of Zermatt and Cervinia. In this case, the explanation lies in the four-kilometer “Gran Beca” route, built by downhill champion Didier Devago (2010 Olympic champion).

The first men’s downhill races of the Winter World Cup are scheduled there on October 29-30. But this will only work if the weather changes very quickly. “If we don’t get the necessary support from nature in the next few weeks, there won’t be any World Cup races at the end of the month,” says FIS Speed ​​chief Hannes Trinkl.