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Alpine skiing: Three women from ÖSV in the parallel final in Lech

Alpine skiing: Three women from ÖSV in the parallel final in Lech

Lensberger, who had started with a slight cold, was satisfied with the first part: “I have to gather my strength now, but I’m happy if it continues. The track is very fair, I can’t decide the fastest slope.”

The 24-year-old could take the lead in the World Cup as a whole in the afternoon. The strongest force in Austria and a local champion is battling for the top spot against Lara Gut Bahrami, who came in eighth in the qualifiers.

Leinsberger tenth in the qualification

Katharina Linsberger took 10th place as the best Austrian player in the parallel race to the World Cup in Lech/Zürs.

Stjernesund wins qualification

“It’s really warm, let’s see what the temperatures will be then,” said Linsbiger, who wants everything back in the afternoon, despite the cold. The fastest time in the morning came from Norway’s Thea Louise Stjernesund with a time of 48.05 seconds, ahead of Slovenian Andreja Slokar (+0.42) and Kristin Lysdahl of Norway (+0.49).

Geba / Patrick Steiner

In Brunner, the starting gate did not open at first

Other ÖSV sprinters Katharina Troup (20), Chiara Mayer (23), Katharina Galhuber (28), Franziska Gretsch (29), Stephanie Resch (35) and Katharina Huber (36) were eliminated in the finals. It is the only parallel individual competition on the World Cup calendar, and this discipline has not yet been included in the program at the Olympics.

Notable cancellations in Lech

At the premiere at “Ländle” last year without an audience, Slovakian Petra Vlhova beat Paula Moltzan (USA) and Lara Gut-Behrami (SUI). Elisa Morzinger was ranked eighth best Austrian, with Katharina Troup (13), Franziska Gretsch (14) and Katerina Linsberger (16), and four of them finished in the top 16.

This year, the parallel race with Michaela Shiffrin and Velhova loses two superstars as well as the winner and third place in the season’s inaugural Giant Slalom slalom race at Sölden. The American American Shiffrin has back problems, and Vlhova has already focused on the slalom pairs in Levi (Finland).

Women’s Parallel Races in Lech/Zorse

Round of 16:
Vanessa Casper (Switzerland) Thea L. Sternsund (North)
Mart Monsen (and no) Lara Gut Bahrami (Switzerland)
Andrea Ellenberger (Switzerland) Marta Pacino (ITA)
M. Gasienica-Daniel (POL) Lina Dor (Germany)
Stephanie Brunner (or) Christine Lisdale (North)
Elisa Morzinger (or) Tina Rubinick (SLO)
Katharina Linsberger (or) Sarah Hector (Sweden)
bad. Firas Sombet (France) Andrega Slocar (SLO)

Missed Qualifiers: Katharina Troup (Australia), Chiara Meyer (Australia), Katharina Galhuber (Australia), Franziska Gretsch (Australia), Stephanie Rich (Australia), Katharina Huber (Australia)