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Alpine skiing: Stefan Abplanalp becomes ski expert at SRF

New job for former coach

Stefan Abplanalp completes the team of ski experts at SRF

From next season, the team of figure skating experts will once again consist of four people: Stefan Abplanalp (48) will take turns commenting on the women’s races with Tina Weirther (33).

In the upcoming ski season, Stefan Abplanalp (48) will alternate with Tina Weirther (33) to comment on the women’s races at SRF. The team once again includes four experts, Marc Berthod (38) and Didier Blashy (49) who will accompany the men’s events from now on.

For about 20 years, Bernese Oberlander has taken care of various women’s teams. Between 2004 and 2012 he was a speed coach for Swiss athletes. This was followed by involvement with the Ski Association of America superstars Mikaela Shifrin (27), Lindsey Vonn (37) and Julia Mancuso (38), later taking over the Norwegian women’s team.