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Alpine skiing: McGrath celebrates its premiere in Flachau

Alpine skiing: McGrath celebrates its premiere in Flachau

McGrath was the first to chase the Strolls after the first round, but was 0.97 seconds behind the man from Vorarlberg. However, Strolz made a fatal mistake in the decision, which eventually led him to fourth place, trailing the winner by 66 percent. The 21-year-old Norwegian, who finished second in Schladming this year, managed to celebrate his first World Cup victory by 0.29 seconds over Noel and 0.64 seconds over Yuli. McGrath is also the eighth winner in the ninth race of the season.

“I am very happy with my performance today. Here and Schladming are the coolest races of the evening. This season is so crazy these waves are so great. Last year my knee was bad so I wasn’t competitive,” said the US-born son of former cross country skier Selma Lee and the ski racer Former American Felix McGrath in an interview with ORF about his first win.

Stolz returns to decision

Vorarlberger can’t replicate his strong run from the first round and returns to fourth

Strolz, on the other hand, wasn’t as easy on the skis as he was in the first round, when he said he still had “a great feeling” on the skis. “From the start I had a feeling that I was too deep in the situation and didn’t put too much pressure on the skis and couldn’t skate cleanly. I struggled in the second half, and it bothers me,” said the 29-year-old. I’d be happy about that, considering where I come from. I definitely learned something again. In any case, I will do my best again at the end of the season.”

Schwarz and Feller are in the top six

The other Austrian aces lined up behind Strolz. Marco Schwartz improved from ninth to fifth (+0.69) and thus scored his best result of the season. Behind the Carinthian, Manuel Feller finished sixth (+0.76). The Tyroleans scored a few points in the fight for the slalom World Cup after Norwegian leader Henrik Kristofferson finished just 16th a week after his double set at Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

But for Weiler, the frustration that the fans, who were allowed to play in Austria again for the first time, got no wins, outweighed the joy in the fact that they were theoretically still in the race for the crystal. “It’s a pity for the fans, who can celebrate skating again for the first time today, that none of us got stung. But unfortunately we didn’t get to the heart of the matter. I also don’t know how you can be so stupid with the penultimate wave,” said Feller, who occupies Fourth place now, 70 points behind Kristofferson, in the slalom final at the World Cup in Courchevel: “I threw in everything I had, but it didn’t work out.”

Speaking of Courchevel: Fabio Guchtrain will be there too. Tirol ended up 12th on Tuesday, thus climbing to 24th in the ex aequo World Cup rankings with Bulgarians Albert Popov and Luke Winters from the US, who surprisingly finished seventh in Flachau and thus in the top 25 qualifying for the World Cup final in France, and Michael Matt is there too, which has reached the daily rating as the 19th this time.

Kristofferson’s advantage in the final

Kristofferson, who started the race with number one, ran into a problem with a massive error before the finish in the first round. At number 28, the Norwegian just made the decision. With an unusually early starting number in the second round, Kristofferson attacked as expected without worrying about losses. The big leap forward didn’t really work, but the 27-year-old took twelve spots and kept damage within limits.

The Norwegian holds 371 points before the final race of the season and goes to the final by 48 points relatively comfortably over compatriot Lukas Brathen, who finished 15th this time directly ahead of him. German Linus Strasser is third, 64 points behind the leader. Thus, Kristofferson holds all the aces in hand to claim his third slalom win after 2015/16 and 2019/20.

Mölgg ciao . says

Hermann Mayer Best also provided the stage for a farewell performance that evening. Because the first round of the night slalom in Flachau was also the last in the career of Manfred Mulge. The South Tyrolean player bid farewell after 329 World Cup races with an easy ride, even unbuckling his sleds before the finish line. In the end, the 39-year-old was greeted by his teammates with a champagne shower to the cheers of onlookers who were allowed to return.

The last tour of Mölgg

The 39-year-old Italian says goodbye to the 329 . race

Mölgg’s greatest achievement was winning the slalom in the 2007/08 season. In addition, South Tyrol won the silver medal in slalom behind Mario Matt at the 2007 World Championships. At the World Championships in 2011 and 2013, Molg, who also celebrated three World Cup victories, won the slalom and giant bronze in the slalom. Loudly saying “Thank you and Grazie a tutti,” the veteran of the Italian ski team said goodbye to fans at Flachau and sports pensions. “Now it’s time for a different life,” Moleg said in an interview with ORF.