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Alpine skiing: Lena Dürr takes seventh place in Lech / Zürs

Alpine skiing: Lena Dürr takes seventh place in Lech / Zürs

Suddenly the stick disappeared. At the start of the first round of the Round of 16, Lena lost her gym equipment and had to make her way into the race with this handicap. However, in this first final round against Marina Jacinica Daniel of Poland, Germinger was ahead of the match from the start. Gate by gate, swing by swing, the foreground has grown a little bigger. It was three hundred when the 30-year-old crossed the finish line. However, she shook her head in annoyance. Without the error at the start, the second-round cushion would have been larger.

However, a sixth place finish from last season’s slalom World Cup left nothing to be desired. She was half a second ahead of the round when she crossed the finish line for the second time and easily qualified for the quarter-finals.

Pacino is too strong for a role

Marta Pacino was waiting in the quarter-finals. The parallel world champion started well. Dor had to follow the lead from the start. The Munich rider walked confidently, and Pacino was rocking her run. At the end of the first round, the two were only 0.04 seconds apart.

Germinger started the crucial quarter-final with a narrow margin. Leadership managed to expand initially. It all looked like a good qualification in the semi-finals until Dor regressed a bit in the final section. Pacino drove this car flawlessly and finally crossed the finish line by 37 percent over the German.

Seventh place for a round

So Dor found himself in the qualifying rounds for places five to eight and points for the World Cup. She never got into a duel against Norway’s Mart Monsen. After the first round, the woman from Germinger was down 26ths. The Norwegian role did not give a chance in the second half.

Against Tina Rubinick that was seventh. In the first half, the Slovenian fouled shortly before the end, and missed a goal. For a role, that meant: a half-second lead in the second race. The initial decision, even if Rubenik took three hundred Germans. Dürr said after the race: “I’m totally satisfied, it was really fun. I’ve driven there eight times this evening – you know what you’re training for in the summer.”

Slokar wins in the close end

Andrea Slokar and Tia Sternsund met in the final. The Norwegian dominated almost all of her tours and led the best event to date. Also against Sloka, she drove hard and won the first set with 16 points. But in the last round, the Slovenian got into the race well and was able to catch up quickly. So it went head to head in the last section.

The two runners took turns very tight and crossed the finish line almost at the same time. A difference of 0.05 seconds between Slokar and Sjternesund – and the result was even better for the Slovenian. This was the 24-year-old’s first World Cup win. “I’m very happy,” Slocar said after the race. “It’s not like I’ve won a slalom or a giant slalom, but I’m very happy.”

The result of the World Cup in Lech / Zorse

  • 1 – Andrea Slocar (Slovenia)
  • 2 – Thea Louise Sternsund (Norway)
  • 3 – Christine Lisdal (Norway)
  • 4 – Marta Pacino (Italy)
  • 5 – Sarah Hector (Sweden)
  • 6 – Mart Monsen (Norway)
  • 7 – Lena Dore (Germing)
  • 8 – Tina Rubnik (Slovenia)
  • 9. Stephanie Brunner
  • 10 – Coralie Firas Sombet (France)