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Alpine skiing: Hütter gets next position on the podium in landing

Alpine skiing: Hütter gets next position on the podium in landing

“It’s good to finish at 19 and see all three light up,” said Hütter, who finished third at the Olympic rehearsal at Garmisch-Partenkirchen in January and podiumed her first in three years and added a Super-G win. . ORF interview. “The season isn’t over yet and you have to keep pushing. It’s fun to be back. The tough time made me nervous, but I told myself it wouldn’t do any good to get upset anyway. I knew I had to put everything into it to be on top” .

Lydica, who celebrated her first victory in three years, was also thrilled. “I am very satisfied, it was a really fun run. I did a lot better than I did in training and it was fun,” said the 26-year-old, who missed a gold double from Pyeongchang for 5th at the Super G in Beijing. Very.” “I had muscle problems last week and it was hard to find strength. So the courses were tough for me too. But today I felt a lot better and was ready to race.”

Ledecka finds the best line

Ski and snowboard ace Ester Ledecka discovers the best streak in the first race of the double in Crans-Montana and celebrates her third victory on the slopes.

Leaves Goggia and Sutter

In the overall standings, the duel continues for the victory of the small crystal ball. Neither Italian Sofia Jogga, who has won all three of her previous matches in Crans-Montana, nor Olympic champion Corinne Sutter of Switzerland could handle the difficult track and much uncertainty in the position of the 2027 World Cup candidate. Sutter was 1.22 seconds behind in tenth, and Giugia was 1.47 seconds behind. In twelfth place. Ramona Seppenhofer ace Ramona Seppenhofer lost the poles by 1.24secs and ended up in 11th place.

Goggia still had a 65-point lead over Sutter before the penultimate touchdown of the season on Sunday (10 a.m., live on ORF1) and could now “close the bag” before the final at Courchevel. Whoever advances by more than 100 points after the end of the week, the ball is fixed before the final. “You don’t score big points with 10th. I had a traditional technical error at the top, which cost me a lot of speed,” said Seppenhofer. “You don’t want to go down here. The error is very annoying, but we still have a chance tomorrow. You either love him or hate him here.”

Puchner finishes in fifth place

On the other hand, Miriam Buchner was happy, trailing by a second short of the best time, and missing the podium by 0.56s in fifth. “I took a good look at the training because it was a disaster. I kept telling myself what I should do better. It wasn’t what I could do, but it’s a step in the right direction. I don’t want to use fatigue as an excuse,” the 29-year-old said.

Tamara Tipler also put in a strong showing, trailing 1.20secs in ninth and thus in the top ten. Stephanie Vinier (+1.57 and Nadine Feist +1.98), who turned up in training, missed the top spots, as did Ariane Radler (+2.30), Kristen Scherr (+2.39) and Elizabeth Reisinger (2, 45).

For Olympic multi-skate champion Ledka, it was the third World Cup victory in alpine skiing and the second downhill since Lake Louise 2019. Moenkel equaled the best result over 20 years of Norwegian downhill. Czech Petra Vlova was not in the top 25 and thus missed the opportunity to replace Michaela Schiffrin (USA) as captain in the World Cup as a whole.