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Alpine skiing: Autumn ends Goggia's winning streak

Alpine skiing: Autumn ends Goggia’s winning streak

For the other Austrians, things didn’t go according to plan at home: Kristen Scheer finished 10th, ahead of Ariane Radler. Mirjam Buchner (17th), Nadine Fest (21st), Elizabeth Reisinger (22nd), Tamara Tepler (27th) and Stephanie Venier (34th) had nothing to do with the decision, Sabrina Meyer withdrew. Michaela Haider suffered the same fate as Jogja when she fell into the net.

As usual, favorite Goggia took the full risk in perfect weather. She chose a straight line, in compression she fell and fell into the net – Goggia finally managed to cross the finish line on her own, complaining of a headache and went to the hotel. On Sundays (10.45 a.m., live on ORF1) Super-G is shown on the show.

Gut Bahrami wins women’s downhill

The Swiss took advantage of the clock

Gut Bahrami celebrates his 34th World Cup victory

Gut Bahrami celebrated her 34th victory at the World Cup and her 12th in downhill. “The last two months have been anything but good for me. Lake Louise has always been tough for me, and then I got sick in November. You don’t really need to look at the results yet,” recalls the Swiss, who won the Super G in Zuchensee eleven years ago, on the ORF.

“Now I’m glad I can get my rhythm back. I lack a little consistency, and I’m still a bit tired. But now I’m riding consistently at a high level for three days, which is pretty good for me.” Just like two years ago when Corinne Sutter won, a Swiss woman won again.

Seppenhofer’s first podium of the season

Siebenhofer secured her first podium of the season with the number one start. Styria also returned to the podium in Val di Fassa for the first time since February 2021. At that time it was second in Italy. In the slopes, this was Siebenhofer’s sixth place on the podium.

“I can already tell it was a good ride. At the entrance to Schmalzleiten I left quite a bit because I couldn’t maintain speed well. Kira (Weidle, note) dislocated a lot of my shoulder, so I kept sweating until the end. Now, of course, I’m insanely happy Watching and waiting at the finish line is always worse for me than driving,” Sippenhofer said after she ran in an interview with ORF. “I’m very happy to finally be on the podium again. “That’s good for the whole team and more than that for me,” said the steady Olympian.

Siebenhofer takes third place in the Zauchensee

Styria took the podium at her home race in Austria.

After poor training, Seppenhofer said, she came up with a new racing plan and quickly felt the “journey into the unknown” was doing well. Only on the fourth of the day did 19-year-old Nadia Delago make her shiver a little later. A fourth smiled repeatedly: “Today hundreds are on my page again.” “I hope it stays that way for the coming months.

Styrian was able to understand Jogja’s downfall: “I fell over there in 2014. It’s a fairly heavy pressure given how quickly you get there. You have to weigh how much you’re risking there and how straight you’re driving it. Once you hesitate a bit, there’s High risk that you will make a mistake. Everything hurts after falling like that.” She later added, “I spoke to Sophia, she is fine.”

Haider also causes a moment of shock

And it wasn’t just Team Italy that experienced a shock moment: there was also a tricky moment from a red-white-red point of view when Michaela Haider crashed with start number 35 into the safety net and the rescue helicopter had already boarded. . The 26-year-old was finally able to ski down the valley on her own.

In addition to star Mikaela Shiffrin, three-time third-placed Breezy Johnson (USA) of the season (both from USA) and, as announced, Nicole Schmidhofer, was also at the start of the dip, but also her ÖSV teammate, Cornelia Hauter. , in a short time due to physical problems. Hütter also missed Super-G on Sunday. Schmidhofer, who has given short notice to come down, wants to start at least as a prologue 13 months after her serious knee injury.