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Allgäu / USA: Fendt . tractor manufacturer is crippled by hackers

Allgäu / USA: Fendt . tractor manufacturer is crippled by hackers

The hackers target AGCO/Fendt, which is based in Marktoberdorf. As a result, the manufacturer’s production of agricultural machinery was severely restricted.

AGCO/Fendt, based in Marktoberdorf, has fallen victim to a massive hacker attack. The entire American AGCO group is affected. The manufacturer of agricultural machinery confirmed this Friday evening from its headquarters in Duluth (Georgia). The attack “weakened” some of its production facilities around the world. The hacker attack that hit AGCO on Thursday was so serious “that business operations will be affected for several days” – also in Marktoberdorf. Thousands of Fendt employees have already been sent home temporarily due to the incident.

According to Fendt employees, no tractors can be produced at the moment

The shock can be seen in the Fendt staff in Marktoberdorf. Employee circles say: There is currently no working Internet connection on any of the company’s computers. Therefore, tractors could not be produced, spare parts could not be ordered or loaded, or even payroll checks could be written. “You can’t work until Monday at least,” she says. In Ostallgäu alone, Fendt employs more than 4,000 people, while parent company AGCO has around 21,000 employees worldwide. (hkw)

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