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Alleged voicemail installs Trojans on Android smartphones

Alleged voicemail installs Trojans on Android smartphones

Scammers try to install malware on Android smartphones via SMS. How “cyber crimeHe writes, it’s about the FluBot Trojan. The trick: Users receive an SMS with a “New Voicemail” text and a link. If someone clicks on it, the supposed application, which is a trojan, will be downloaded.

Once the Trojan is installed, the actors control the SMS messages of the cell phone. It then sends a large number of SMS messages to other potential victims, expensive destinations and paid numbers on the victim’s account.

The link in the scam text messages is used to install the Trojan on the smartphone. (Source: “Cybercrimepolice” screenshot)

In addition, FluBot displays the masks via payment apps according to “Cybercrimepolice” in order to access credit card data. The Trojan must also intercept input from Biance, Coinbase,, Wallet, and Gmail.

Make sure to delete the message

“Cybercrimepolice” does not under any circumstances recommend clicking on the link in the SMS or installing the application. Recipients of the message must delete the SMS. If the app is already installed, those affected should reset the cell phone to factory settings and notify their mobile provider.

Just a week ago there were other SMS scammers that were around. They asked users to sign up for a dummy subscription for CHF9.90 per month, as you can read here. If you want to read more about cybercrime and cybersecurity in general, Register here for the weekly newsletter from The portal contains daily news on current threats and new defense strategies.