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Alagner with Mayor Gerald Wiig (left), District Manager Eva Ergang (second from left), Heinrich Münstermann as head of the Village Initiative (fourth from left), Deputy Mayor Gregor Dole (back), Mayor D.  Thomas Sean (second from right) and committee chair, Oliver Popsell (right).

Allagen took third place and a special prize

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Alagner with Mayor Gerald Wiig (left), District Manager Eva Ergang (second from left), Heinrich Münstermann as head of the Village Initiative (fourth from left), Deputy Mayor Gregor Dole (back), Mayor D. Thomas Sean (second from right) and committee chair, Oliver Popsell (right). © Alexander Lange

In the district competition “Our Village Has a Future,” Alaghan took third place on Wednesday night and also won a special prize. All ratings and votes for the evening can be found here.

Alagin / Tanmilrich – They hoped for the podium, and earned a place on the podium. In this year’s district competition “Our Village Has a Future”, Allagen was able to celebrate third place on Wednesday evening at Schutzenhall in Altenmelrich – along with Langennik, who put together the same. After 2017, where Allagener finished second, it is now third again. Immediately after receiving the award, Heinrich Munstermann, Head of the Village Initiative, said: “We are very satisfied with that. You should not enter a competition like this with false expectations, you have to keep your feet on the ground. All villages have been upgraded in recent years.” This is a third place. Fabulous “.

On Wednesday evening, the two addressed praise and awards to the entire village community: “A lot has already changed in the village. Individuals, clubs, groups, institutions, everyone contributed.” And it is not only the third place, with a value of 1500 euros. Allagen was also able to take advantage of special prizes and take the €500 tourism prize with him to Möhnetal. There is for the active organization of tourism in the village and integration into village life, among other things, with Skywalk, the site for extracurricular learning “Möhnis Welt” or, for example, pictures of hidden objects in Möhneradweg, according to Oliver Popsel as head of the evaluation committee. “This is also a nod to the city’s marketing,” Mayor Weiji praised.

Will Allagen start again in 2024, when the next village competition will likely take place? “We have to look at that and decide together.” This year it was Oestereiden (2nd place, prize money 1,750 euros) and Weslarn (1st place, prize money 2000 euros) who finished ahead of Allagen (more places and special prizes see info box).

Praise for the commitment of all villages

Oliver Popsell, Jury Chair, and District Manager Eva Ergang commended the villages’ commitment. “There are no losers in this competition, every participating village won, and all the citizens who participated are the winners,” Irjang explained.

Because the competition should be understood primarily as a tool for village development: “It is the activities of the village community that make the village attractive and worth living in. The District Competition is an opportunity to focus and strengthen this civic commitment. It also promotes the coexistence of residents and community life.”

Presented by the wind troupe
The wind band “Pffft – Fun Blowing” provided the musical framework. © Alexander Lange

Pöpsel similarly puts it in the conclusion: “Our villages are well positioned, we have accomplished a lot over the years. Our villages have a future and we can be proud of that.”

The award ceremony concluded with a lecture on digitization by Jörn Peters and the wind team “Buffett – The Pleasure of Blowing”.

A quick overview of all locations

Both big villages (801 to 3000 inhabitants) Weslarn won and received a prize money of 2000 euros. Oestereiden came in second and was happy to receive 1,750 euros. Alagan came in third place (1500 euros), and Lanzhinicki also came in third place and also received 1500 euros. And Benninghausen and Munninghausen, the two best places, and the fourth, were awarded 750 euros. Behind them, it also ranks fourth with 750 euros in prize money: Bökenförde, Ehringhausen, Sönnern and Stirpe.

Both small villages (up to 800 residents) Rupringhausen won the race (prize 2000 euros) ahead of Beusingsen (1,750 euros) and third places Meckingsen and Uelde, who each took 1,500 euros. The best fourth-place winners were Mettinghausen-Niederdededinghausen-Rebekke and Lohe, each receiving €750. In the other fourth places, 750 euros were also awarded: Altenrüthen, Berge, Eringerfeld, Hellinghausen, Herringhausen, Meiningsen, Merklinghausen-Wiggeringhausen, Schmerlecke and Westereiden.

In addition, each village received a special award for special presentations or projects. Special prizes were awarded a total of €11,250 in prize money.