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All the info about the first free bonus content and improvements

All the info about the first free bonus content and improvements

Here you can find the German patch notes for Cyberpunk 1.3.Here you can find the German patch notes for Cyberpunk 1.3.

The patch notes for Update 1.3 are known, and as announced, it also brings Cyberpunk 2077’s first free bonus content. The update should be available “soon” on PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC, such as CD Projekt now Via Twitter communication.

This is the first free DLC

  • An alternate skin for Johnny Silverhand, which you can activate in the settings under “Bonus content”.
  • The deltajock multi-layer faux leather jacket and glamorous punk jacket you can outfit in flat Vs.
  • New vehicle “Archer Quartz Bandit”, which you can get or buy depending on your game decision.

The most important improvements from patch 1.3

The full patch notes list is quite long. so that you The most important innovations In the show, we’ve summarized it here for you. Apart from that, patch 1.3 mainly fixes a huge number of (important) bugs and tweaks the game balance. You can see the full list at CD Projekt Red official website can look at.

  • The mini-map has been improved when driving. It has now been minimized even further so that players can navigate better.
  • Added a button to redistribute Perk Points in the skill tree.
  • The number of motorized excavator slots has been increased from 10 to 20, and those for quick throws from 3 to 10.
  • Database links have been added to journal entries.
  • Installers now write V less often to put the cars up for sale.
  • A filter for mission items has been added to the Backpack.
  • A tooltip for comparison has been added for electronic software.
  • Added new sleeping quarters for nibbles in Vs . Apartment

Improve stability and performance

A very important point was followed up in the patch notes, also regarding stability and performance, according to the CD Project. The changes should be felt primarily on the PS4 and Xbox One’s Last Gen consoles. Included:

  • Dynamic Precision Scale improvements
  • The frame rate is now more consistent, resulting in a smoother gaming experience, especially in combat

Apart from these two important points, crashes caused by saving were also reduced, bugs in the user interface were eliminated and problems in the areas of graphics, sound and animation were corrected according to the changelog.

Improvements that only affect consoles

Finally, you will find some important points that specifically affect the end game on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

  • The Inner Zero Zone setting now also applies to game menus.
  • Dead NPCs no longer speak. (Play Station)
  • The flow of city lights has been improved.
  • The saved game is no longer corrupted if the player tries to replace it and runs out of space.
  • The masks and hoses in the barn in “The Hunt” are no longer invisible.
  • Rogue no longer makes her way through Johnny in Ghost Town and really grabs her trophy.
  • Fixed a bug in Operation Rescue, where loading the memory state in front of the barrier caused the dialogue with the NCD Police to not start, as a result of which any further progress was hindered.
  • Fixed a bug where the meeting with Jodi and the puppets in Pisces did not start as intended. (Play Station)
  • Fixed a bug in “A Cool Metal Fire” where part of the scene in Cassius Ryder’s Clinic could be canceled after fading out. (X-Box)
  • Fixed a bug where weapons would be outfitted in the wrong slot when allocated from the Backpack.

Catch up with the tide? If you want to follow the full 1.3 patch live broadcast, you can do so at Official YouTube channel From CPR or in Twitch. You can see how Cyberpunk 2077 will play into the future and when, according to CPR, the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S upgrade will appear in the Acion-RPG roadmap.

How do you like the new features in Patch 1.3? Were you hoping to get more of your first free downloadable content?