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All-round encounter in Gotzes - 8,377 points: Emer sets Swiss record again - Sport

All-round encounter in Gotzes – 8,377 points: Emer sets Swiss record again – Sport


A short time later, Appenzeller improved his own decathlon record again in Vorarlberg.

His record from the meeting in Ratingen, Germany, lasted only three weeks. The decimal accumulated 8,354 points in that time, and now Simon Emmer has set a new Swiss Gutzis record with 8,377 points. Appenzeller improved by 23 points.

Emer had already laid the groundwork for his newfound exploits on Saturday, when he made the 22-year-old sit down and notice a record in the long jump and strong 100 metres, and even surpassed the superstar decathlon from Canada with Damien Warner.

It only weakened for a while at the end

Emer didn’t veer off course on day two, either. In the pole vault (5.10 m) and the javelin throw (55.98 m) he managed to achieve two of the best results on a personal level. Only with the discus (36.98m) and at the end over the 1500m did he have to accept two slips. In the end it was a third.

Contrary to expectations, the decathlon record-setting project of 5:08.51 minutes was in danger in the 1500m. “I’ve been feeling cold since the beginning of the week,” Emer said, explaining the 25-second loss at his best. With Finlay Gayo, the second Swiss finished the competition in the top ten. The 23-year-old was ranked ninth.

Kälin is allowed to plan with WM

With Annick Kalin, a Swiss woman also caused quite a stir on the first day of the meeting in Vorarlberg. The Seven had been unable to keep up since the day before and narrowly missed the podium in fourth place. However, the 22-year-old from Graubünden was happy with the end of the competition.

With 6,301 points, she was 97 points below her record, but with her weekend appearances in Götzis and the Swiss record a month earlier, she should have had a good chance of taking part in the World Championships in Eugene (USA). The official limit for the World Championship is 6420 points.