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All information at a glance

All information at a glance

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The Openair Heitere in Zofingen has been around since 1991. This year the next tour starts. So that you’ve read everything you need to know before the festival begins, we’ve got you covered the information compilation and production.



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When and Where

The Heitere Openair will take place from 11 to 13 August 2023 in Zofingen in canton Aargau.

weather forecast

The weather forecast looks good for the festival weekend.


The sun will rise in the sky on Friday. Temperatures range between 15 and 31 degrees and there are only a few clouds that can push in front of the sun.


It will be much warmer on Saturday: the temperature is expected to reach 32 degrees. The sky is a little cloudier than Friday, but the sun should be breaking through most of the time.


Sunday also looks rosy: the festival can end with temperatures reaching 31 degrees and few clouds in the sky.

Heading over there

The easiest way to travel to the festival is by public transport – you have to get off at Zofingen. A shuttle bus runs from the train station to the festival. If you come by car, take the Oftringen motorway exit and follow the signs to the site. Parking costs a flat rate of CHF 10 per vehicle.


Heitere Openair tickets are sold out. It only takes place on Sunday still available For 90 francs.


You will come across these festival guys


You will come across these festival guys

Watson at Heitere Open Air

Video: Watson

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