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All five of these things are annoying in suburban life

1. Houses are like huts

My surroundings are a suburban clich: beautiful houses, ornate lawns, one or two American flags. But after the first two weeks of my press association in Nashville, I can say: the houses are beautiful, but they are very well built. Mostly made of wood, zero insulation. When the air conditioning is turned off, it heats up unbearably at any time. The walls may be made of grease proof paper, no matter how thin they are. You can hear everything that happens at home. When it rained heavily the other day, part of the rain came down. Doors and locks are very unstable and can be broken without significant special criminal knowledge.

My roommate shrugged and said: “We Americans want to build cheap.” He then went to the bank to bury important documents there. “Be on the safe side, if the house burns down.” From the point of view of construction, she thinks this is a realistic situation. This. A house not far from here was recently burnt down. Also parking near hydrants is strictly prohibited. You never know when they will Firefighters I have to go back.

2. Everything looks the same

The plots are approximately the same size, the houses are the same height, there is a double garage, there is at least one car in front of each house and a big tree in front of the house. The mailboxes are black, the lawn in the front gardens is the same height and our home number is somewhere in the thousands, so even the first two digits are identical. If gold Jeep My roommate is not in front of the house and I usually pass by it. Once I even parked in the front garage facade of our house and noticed it only on the way to their front door.

And it says “Home Sweet Home” everywhere: on metal signs in the front yard, a picture in the doorway reception or window. It is as if the residents of the suburbs have accepted some sort of uniform. Signs of patriotism like flowers are allowed, but nothing too much to please. The other day I was honest about “Trump”. Keep America First! ”- happy sign. It shows me when I have to change from one endless long, endless identical street to another endless long, endless single street.

3. You only see cars, not people

Sometimes post-apocalyptic ideas come to me while walking, for example I only forgot when the earth was ejected. Or the last survivor after an alien attack. Because you don’t see people here on the street or in front of houses. This is strange because the verandas are often lovingly designed, with angel lights, rocking chairs, and flowers. I have never seen someone last over them in just two weeks.