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All famous guys!  Who brings whom to Australia?

All famous guys! Who brings whom to Australia?

You support our celebrities

They came with the forest camp candidates

Not only our candidates but also their loved ones need to pack their bags for the big Australian adventure.


They give everything to the wild campers on site.

It's almost time: our celebs fly halfway around the world and the jungle camp adventure begins. Fortunately, with all the fun, they have a partner they can share the excitement with. Here's a look at which celebrities are coming to Australia with whom.

Jungle Camp 2024: Who's Taking Who to Australia?

  • With Anya Elsner is her father, Michael Elsner
  • Leyla Lahouar takes her best friend Lucas Brandstädter with her
  • Kim Virgina flies with her best friend, Leon Buppe
  • Cora Schumacher takes her best friend with her: Jorg Kunze
  • Lucie Diakowska is supported by her good friend Gale Kale
  • Sarah Kern is accompanied by her friend Eva Sieve
  • Twenty4Tim enjoys the adventure with his mother, Christina Kampmann
  • Fabio Knez is accompanied by his girlfriend Darya Strelnikova and sister Ginannina Knez
  • Mike Hayter relies on his best friend, Eugen Lopez
  • Felix von Jascheroff flies with girlfriend Sofie Winterberg
  • Heinz Hoenig is accompanied by his wife Annika Hoenig, his two children and mother-in-law Birgit Erfurt-Kärsten.
  • David Odonkor flies to Australia unaccompanied

Guys really need to support their jungle stars.


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