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Aldi & Lidl is spread in Swiss cities

Aldi & Lidl is spread in Swiss cities

Lidl opened this week its branch in central Bern. Aldi will soon follow. Urban offensive is not without risk.

The basics in brief

  • Opponents Aldi and Lidl want urban growth.
  • This means companies are deviating from their actual strategy, the expert explains.

Could be more central Lidl hardly be. Thursday determination He opened a branch in the basement of Lube’s store. Directly at Berne train station.

Also a competitor Aldi She has the Federal Capital in her sights. On Kornhausplatz and Spitalgasse, new branches will open in the city center this year.

There are still branches in the city Decisiveness is rare. from 220 Aldi– There is only about every fifth branch in the city. Lidl It operates 153 branches across Switzerland, few of which are in the city.

The expansion strategy adds “a special focus on high-frequency sites in urban centres.” Aldi Demand. also Lidl “It is increasingly focusing on locations in city centers that are frequented by a large number of people.”

Hard to find area

otherwise if barn And Migros You have determination I have long followed the “one size fits all” strategy. Means: One-store concept for as many branches as possible. “This creates economies of scale and costs that are an integral part of determination They are,” says Matthias Shaw, retail expert at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. But in city centers it is difficult to find a suitable space for this.

the Lidl– The area of ​​​​the branch in Loeb is about 850 square meters, one of Aldi The Spitalgasse will have a selling area of ​​420 square meters. Thus both stores are smaller than typical branches in the country.

Due to changing perceptions, Xu sees in the inner branches of the city determination Special prestige objects. “It increases the complexity and therefore the costs, because the rents are much higher and the management of these private areas deviates from the previous, standardized concept.”

Do you regularly shop at discount?

Limited space is not the only challenge for them determination. Shaw notes clear differences in consumer behavior in urban and rural areas. Urban residents often shop several times a week, while rural residents tend to shop for the classic weekly. “The product ranges in outlets also differ – in the cities the focus is more on convenience and direct consumption.”

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