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Albanian bike ride in Jakarta.

Guide – This photo, released by the Indonesian Presidential Palace, shows Indonesian President Joko Widodo (r) and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on a bike ride. Australia’s new Prime Minister pays first visit to Indonesia During the election campaign, he spoke in support of additional measures on climate protection. Photo: Lily Rachev / Indonesian Presidential Palace / AP / dpa – Attention: For editorial use only and with the full name of the above credits only

The main stone

Eco-friendly tourism: New Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese rides a bike with Indonesian President Joko Widodo. The two top politicians explored the grounds of the Presidential Palace by bike on Monday on the edge of an official meeting.

The men were in suit pants and shirts and wore helmets to stay on the safe side. Albanese later tweeted: “It’s a privilege to make a personal and fun tour of the beautiful grounds.”

Albanese won the general election in Australia last month. During the election campaign, with a greater commitment to climate protection, he promised more.