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Albacca Geronimo fell asleep after years of fighting

MyAfter many years of fighting, Albacca Geronimo was killed in England. It said the animal had been euthanized Ministry of Agriculture Tuesday in London. This will stop the spread of the deadly and contagious bowin tuberculosis that plagued Geronimo.

When Geronimos arrived in Great Britain four years ago, two tests diagnosed the disease. The owner of Albacca rejected this and demanded another accurate test. However, a court finally ruled against Geronimo and gave the ministry until September 4 to euthanize the animals. It was confiscated by the Ministry of Agriculture on Tuesday after both the owner and his veterinarian refused to comply with the decision. A good dozen police officers were on duty, according to The Sun newspaper.

The problem occupied Britain for several days and even reached the family of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. His father, Stanley Johnson, sided with Albacca. Nearly 150,000 people petitioned to save Geronimo. But the government was tough. Bowen tuberculosis is a serious problem for British farmers.