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Airpods could soon get fitness and health features – t3n – Digital Pioneers

Apple Airpods Pro 2 (Photo: Apple)

Not only could Apple’s soon-to-be Airpods play music, they could also track fitness data and act as hearing aids. These features could be incorporated in 2024 or 2025.

If you own an iPhone, Macbook, or several Apple gadgets, Airpods are the perfect accessory for consuming audio content seamlessly on all devices.

In the long run, Airpods should be able to do more than answer calls and play music. According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple will add more features over the next two years.

Airpods are set to become a health gadget

As Gurman writes in his Power On newsletter (trans Apple Insider), Apple is said to be upgrading the Airpods lineup with more features to “make it a healthy device in the next year or two.” Part of this upgrade may be the possibility of giving the Airpods additional hearing-enhancing functionality – as a kind of hearing aid.

Apple has already added many functions to Airpods in recent years with the aim of improving hearing: Here are some live listings (Live listening) and enhance conversation (Conversation boost) is mentioned. According to Gorman, these features have not yet been approved by the FDA as a health aid or as a replacement for hearing aids.

One Small study According to them, they can indeed be used as “proper hearing aids”. With Apple pursuing ambitious health goals, which is particularly evident with the Apple Watch, Gurman assumes that Airpods will soon be officially accepted as hearing aids.

Airpods with health features: A tip from Apple executives

In addition to their use as hearing aids, the integration of sensors for fitness tracking has been noted. The first rumors about these features appeared in 2021. It was said at the time that the sensors in the Airpods could be used to better analyze motion data in the health app.

Meanwhile, various Airpods patent applications indicate that Apple is likely working on a more comprehensive fitness monitoring system. A biometric sensor can be integrated to record various readings such as temperature, heart rate, sweating, and more with skin contact and built-in motion sensors. Also, Apple’s VP of Technology, Kevin Lynch, had implicitly for a period of timeand that Airpods could be used as a source for additional health data in the future.

Airpods also wouldn’t be the first earphones with health tracking functionality. so can Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 And Amazfit’s Powerbuds Pro Used to measure heart rate in the ear.

Ultimately, the advantage of Apple’s Airpods is their seamless integration into Apple Health’s internal health data analytics ecosystem. The more data sources are used, the more accurate the health data displayed in the app should be.