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Airlander 10: Air Nostrum buys ten airships

Airlander 10: Air Nostrum buys ten airships

Hybrid Air Vehicles wants to present the first examples of its new airship from 2026. Now it is clear who will be the first operator of Airlander 10. Air Nostrum is buying ten units.

The start wasn’t exactly promising. Just one week after the first flight, a file Airlander 10 crash landing there. The cockpit of the prototype was smashed. But only a year later the new airship flew again. Since then, the manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles has pushed development even further. Production is scheduled to start in 2022 and approved in 2026.

Airlander relies on the idea of ​​a shipping drone for missions of up to three weeks. It was originally developed for the US Army. Hybrid Air Vehicles has transformed the concept into a hybrid electric aircraft with a length of 92 meters with a payload of up to ten tons, a maximum range of 7,400 km and a climate balance that is nine tenths better than conventional aircraft.

Airlander 10 . is rented

In addition to cargo, it is also possible to carry out observation missions and passenger flights with the Airlander 10. This is what Air Nostrum now depends on. The Spanish regional airline, which flies primarily to Iberia, announced on Wednesday (June 15) that it will buy up to ten Airlander 10s. It will be equipped with seating for up to 100 passengers. The contract is subject to the condition that the airship also receives a certificate.

Thus, Air Nostrum will be the first operator of neo-Zeppelins. It is rented, not bought. “We are looking at all possibilities to reduce our environmental footprint. That is why we signed the agreement with Hybrid Air Vehicles,” comments Carlos Bertomeu, President of Air Nostrum.

Significantly slower than airplanes

The airline stands out as an added advantage that the Airlander 10 can land and take off on land and water, while taking up little space. In addition, travelers can be offered more comfort. Because the cabin is very spacious and equipped without pressure compensation, because Airlander flies much less than an airplane.

However, at speeds up to 130 kilometers per hour, the Airlander 10 is sluggish. So Air Nostrum is more likely to use it on domestic roads.