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Airbus cancels Qatar Airways' order for 50 planes

Airbus cancels Qatar Airways’ order for 50 planes

Airbus is alarmed that Qatar has grounded its fleet of A350s and stopped accepting more deliveries of this type.

The basics in brief

  • Qatar Airways has complained about the A350’s fuselage paint.
  • Airbus has now canceled an order from the airline for more than 50 aircraft.

The dispute between European aircraft manufacturer Airbus and its company IMPORTANT CLIENT QATAR AIRWAYS In an escalation: Airbus canceled an order from Qatar Airways for 50 Machines of the A321neo, a company spokesperson announced on Friday. Airbus is upset that Qatar is reducing its fleet of A350-Machines ground and stopped accepting more machine-type shipments.

the Airline Body paint criticizes A350. According to Airbus, this has no impact on safety. Companies are already arguing about it Tennis Court.

In the first session before Tennis Court Qatar Airways claimed in London on Thursday compensation of 618 million dollar (545 million euros) and another four million dollar For every day that A350Machines Staying grounded, according to insiders. Airbus has reportedly canceled an order for the A321neoMachinesQatar Airways has canceled the contract to deliver the A350Machines not fulfilled.

50 A321neoMachines It has an order value of more than six billion dollar. Another hearing before the Londoner Tennis Court It is scheduled to take place in the last week of April.

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