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Airbus, Boeing or Embraer: Royal Jordanian wants new planes despite the difficulties

Airbus, Boeing or Embraer: Royal Jordanian wants new planes despite the difficulties

Jordan’s national airline is facing serious financial problems. She needs money from the state. However, Royal Jordanian wants to renew the fleet.

State aid to airlines has become a normal thing in the pandemic. And countries gave airlines billions of dollars so that they would not be drowned by the crisis. Even the economically successful Lufthansa Group received a total of nine billion euros.

On the other hand, $71 million doesn’t seem like that much. This is the only assistance Royal Jordanian Airlines has received from the state in recent years. The cash injection has nothing to do with the epidemic and has already been approved. But this is not enough for the airline.

Resolution on new posts in January

In many interviews these days, Managing Director Samer Majali has said that his airline is not good. “All the airlines have received support from their governments, not just us,” he told Reuters news agency. Half-baked and temporary patching solutions will not work. Either there is a serious investment in Royal Jordanian or the airline has no chance of survival.”

They are back on almost all routes and expect to reduce losses by 55 percent in 2022 and even get out of the red again in 2023. Al-Majali said investments are also necessary, without which his airline would stand no chance.

Money should flow in soon

They want to at least partially offset the losses caused by the pandemic and allow themselves to order new planes. According to Bloomberg News, Majali has not renewed his fleet in ten years.

Specifically, Royal Jordanian wants $282 million from the state. The first half of the money will be needed very soon to survive the first half of 2022. The rest should follow later.

Decision on a new aircraft in January

According to its head, the airline is about to make a decision on the renewal of its fleet of short-range and regional aircraft, which is expected to be announced in January. Both Airbus and Boeing models are eligible. But he also finds the Embraer regional jets interesting, Majali says.

It is likely that the new aircraft will be leased. But buying is also an option.