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Airbus A319: Vueling flight takes off with no passengers on board

Airbus A319: Vueling flight takes off with no passengers on board

The lack of staff at Vueling resulted in long lines at check-in at London Gatwick. As a result, the flight was delayed more and more – and the pilots decided to fly without guests.

Last Monday (May 30) flight VY6209 was supposed to take off at 8:20 PM. But Vueling’s Airbus A319 departed London Gatwick more than two hours late. And with a fairly low load. According to British newspaper reports, not a single passenger was on board the flight to Florence.

This is not because the track is unpopular. exactly the contrary. Many travelers arrived early at London Gatwick Airport. But they met there in long lines in front of the counters where you hand over your luggage if you have already checked in.

Florence is already closed

A traveler told the Palestinian News Agency that she and her husband queued for four hours. And this is despite the fact that they both have already checked in online. According to the person involved, three employees should have handled all of the Vueling flights for the day. Finally the couple came to the table and then to the gate.

But she couldn’t take the flight. “We learned from the crew that the pilots decided to return the plane empty without a single passenger on board because Florence was closed,” the woman said. If you arrive after midnight, there will not be any staff on site to look after the travelers. Then they stayed at London Airport until 2am to discuss rebooking and hotel accommodations with a few staff.