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Air traffic: Lufthansa expects more restrictions on the unpollinated economy

Lufthansa estimates, there may be more restrictions on unvaccinated people on air travel in the future. What already applies to the United States can expand.

BERLIN – Lufthansa President Carsten Spohr expects more restrictions on unvaccinated passengers worldwide.

“We’re seeing this trend all over the world,” said Spohr of Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ, Saturday). “The global freedom of vaccinated and convalescent people will be preserved.” There are already restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated. For example, EU citizens are only allowed to travel to the USA if they have been fully vaccinated and tested negative for the coronavirus.

Mandatory vaccination was rated positive

According to the report, Spohr emphasized the advantages of compulsory vaccination, as it should be implemented in Austria from February 2022. He also sees that the compulsory vaccination of flight staff, which has already been implemented in the Swiss branch of Lufthansa, is positive. At Swiss and Austrian airlines, “nearly all personnel working in flight operations have been vaccinated,” Speuer said. ‘In Germany we estimate that more than 90 percent.’

With a 3G base for domestic flights, Lufthansa has had good experiences so far: “We’ve been working on domestic flights under 3G conditions since this week, even for our crews, so far without any issues,” Spohr said. According to the 3G rule, access is granted only to those who have been vaccinated, cured or tested. And about the low rate of vaccinations in Germany compared to other European countries, the CEO said: “I am disappointed that poets and thinkers are not more enlightened and open to modern medicine and technology.”

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