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Air Force with six Eurofighters: Departed for Australia

In mid-August, the Air Force transferred six Eurofighters to Australia for training. Japan, Singapore and South Korea will also be visited.

With Rapid Pacific, the Air Force is demonstrating its operational readiness: six Eurofighters from Tactical Air Force Wing 74 from Newburgh, four A400M from Wunstorf and three A330 MRTT from Eindhoven are scheduled to reach Singapore within 24 hours.

From Germany, the route goes through Italy, Greece, Israel and Jordan to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. There the pilots change. The second leg of the exchange is via the Bay of Bengal via India’s Gulf of Oman to Singapore.

With successive deployments to Darwin, Australia and participation in two international exercises, the Air Force has been testing its interoperability with allies inside and outside NATO in the Indo-Pacific region. During the Pitch Black Air Combat exercise, Eurofighters will practice air strikes and defense in large-scale formations with their international partners. Eurofighters will be used in air-to-air and air-to-ground roles.

In Kakadu, an international naval combat exercise, partners protect ships from air. Around 250 airmen were involved.

Before returning to Germany, participating units will train with the Singapore Air Force and visit allies in Japan and South Korea. Two short visits by German auxiliary fleets to Japan and South Korea helped deepen ties.