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AiDash opens UK office to help grow in new markets …

01.12.2021 – 20:24


London (ots / PRNewswire)

The satellite and AI-supported platform sets up an office in Great Britain to strengthen its commitment to sustainable management and globalization to control climate change.

Idash, A leading provider of satellite and AI-powered operations, maintenance and stability platforms, today announced the opening of a new office in London, UK. The new location in central London will streamline the company’s operations with existing UK customers and open the door for expansion across the UK and Europe. COP26 at the UN Climate Conference AiDash paved the way with his introduction Intelligent Sustainability Management System (ISMS) teamed up with National Grid, a leading energy supplier, to pave the way for its expansion in London. The new site enables AiDash customers to minimize rigorous ecological field research through satellite and AI-supported image analysis.

“London is the perfect place for AiDash to have offices in the UK, and we look forward to making our technology available across Europe and the world,” said Abhishek Singh, co-founder and CEO of AiDash. “The need for integrated platforms to enable companies to comply with environmental regulations and achieve sustainability goals is a matter of great pride in advancing to meet the need for AiDash and to contribute to intercontinental reduction as the effects of climate change are currently growing rapidly. Climate change.”

Opening an office in London is another step towards AiDash’s goal of becoming the world’s leading provider of satellite – based sustainability management, plant maintenance and remote monitoring and surveying services. This company will act as an essential resource for companies that own more land in the UK. The country is currently introducing new environmental laws that will tighten regulations on sustainable land use in all sectors, including a net increase of at least 10 percent in biodiversity and a new increase in biodiversity.

In the UK, AiDash focuses on its ISMS and will use satellites and AI to make the utility, energy, mining, construction, water and sewerage industries and transportation industries more sustainable and flexible. ISMS makes obsolete, inefficient soil measurement methods redundant and replaces them with systematic mapping, planning, land development assessment and AI-assisted biodiversity measurement.

AiDash plans to hire 10 to 20 new, highly skilled employees in London as part of its new office opening. Data Scientists, Engineers, Ecologists and Economists Learn About Us Business page To apply.

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AiDash is an AI-powered vertical SaaS company that enables satellite and AI-powered operation, maintenance and sustainability for industries with geographically dispersed resources. AiDash uses high-resolution multispectral and SAR data from the world’s leading satellite galaxies in its proprietary AI models to make real-time, large-scale predictions. These AI models support AiDash’s full-stock applications that transform applications, energy, transportation, operations and maintenance for water and sewage, mining and construction companies. For more information, see

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