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AI Pin performed very poorly in initial tests

AI Pin performed very poorly in initial tests

Humane's AI Pin has completed its first tests. After all, it will soon replace smartphones as an AI innovation – right? However, initial reactions are not entirely positive. Golem reports that there are still problems, especially in the technical field.

This innovative device is designed to communicate directly with various artificial intelligence models. Users can search for information, make phone calls, or send messages using voice input. AI Pin has a built-in 13MP camera for object recognition using artificial intelligence.

Despite the high quality of AI Pin and its accessories, there are concerns about the software's features. Testers like Wired's Julian Choccato and The Verge's David Pierce reported only a 50 percent success rate.

In addition, the device's response time seems to be very slow: users often take up to 30 seconds to receive a response.

Another special feature of the AI ​​Pin is its display device, which displays information on the user's palm. This feature creates excitement at first, but according to tester Cherlynn Low of Engadget, the wow factor quickly wears off.

The predictable user interface control was also met with criticism. To move through menus, users have to move their hands – a somewhat unnatural gesture. In addition, the projection cannot be seen in bright light.

Overheating problems have also been identified: after about seven minutes of use, the device needs to take a break. The AI ​​pin also becomes very warm during other functions such as phone calls, as reported by Michael Fisher.

Despite its innovative idea and high-quality hardware, Humane's AI pin still seems to have some problems. Therefore, the first tests advise against purchasing, at least until these problems are resolved.