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Against 'extremist agenda' - Biden wants to protect access to abortions - News

Against ‘extremist agenda’ – Biden wants to protect access to abortions – News

  • US President Joe Biden plans to issue an executive order to advance women’s rights two weeks after the US Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion.
  • The Supreme Court struck down the nearly 50-year-old right to abortion at the end of June, arguing that it was not enshrined in the constitution.
  • Biden has recently come under pressure within his own party to do more to protect abortion rights.

“We cannot allow an unruly Supreme Court that works with the most extreme sections of the Republican Party to take away our personal freedoms and independence,” Biden said at the signing ceremony at the White House.

This provides, among other things, to ensure access to contraceptives and medical abortion. The data of women who know about abortions, for example, should also be protected.

Biden: The Supreme Court’s “Extreme Agenda”.

It remains to be seen how effective these measures will actually be and whether states can circumvent them at least in part with laws. Since there is no state law protecting this right, legislative power currently rests with the states. Biden’s decree does not change this legal status.

His measures now include, for example, ensuring that women have access to emergency medical care. In addition, the Department of Justice and the White House Legal Department will put together a team of attorneys who will provide free advice or representation to women facing legal difficulties about abortion.

A dominant topic in congressional elections

For example, there has been a request that the Biden administration try to establish abortion clinics on federal lands because state laws do not apply there. The White House had earlier rejected this proposal due to legal concerns.

If you want to change the conditions of women and even young girls in this country, please go vote.

Instead, Biden is counting on his ability to mobilize with the topic in the upcoming congressional elections this fall. He hopes to get a sufficient majority in which Democrats can enshrined the right to abortion in a national law. However, current opinion polls assume that Republicans will win more votes.


The Supreme Court has a conservative majority of six to three justices—many of whom are considered very conservative and extremely religious.

stone key

“I really hope and believe that women will actually go to the polls in record numbers to take back the rights the court took away from them,” Biden said. He turned to the people of the country, almost pleading: “If you want to change the status of women and even young girls in this country, please go vote.”

Once again violently attacked the court by a conservative majority. The abortion rights decision was an exercise of “crude political power.” “The court has made it clear that it will not protect women’s rights,” Biden said.

She makes her decisions on the basis of the interpretation of the constitution that has remained in place – when women did not even have the right to vote. Many judges want to interpret the country’s constitution as it was likely intended by its authors when it was enacted more than 200 years ago.