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Again just put 4 for Switzerland

Again just put 4 for Switzerland

Women’s World Championships – The women’s national ice hockey team returns from the World Championships in Denmark without a medal. At Herning, the Swiss lost the bronze medal match against the Czech Republic 2:4 (1:2, 0:2, 1:0).

The last time Switzerland won a medal was eight years ago at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Since 2014, the Swiss team has taken fourth place four times – in Herning for the third time at the World Cup, and most recently at the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Of course, coach Colin Muller’s team was hoping to get more in their third game for a medal in 13 months. Switzerland has won five of its last six head-to-head matches against the Czech Republic. The Swiss, fourth in Group A, started the match in third with a slight edge, but the Czechs who dominated Group B (6-10) in the preliminary round (only two goals conceded) and in the quarter-finals with Finland eliminated a third from the A-Poule And it soon became clear that they had other ideas.

The Czech Republic dominated the match and won a medal in women’s ice hockey for the first time in history.

In the first 40 minutes, the Swiss had no shots or shots. Alina Marti scored 1-1 with the first Swiss shot on goal (12). Less than four minutes later, the Czechs advanced again. In the second period, the Eastern Europeans decisively pulled back to 4:1 within eight minutes. Only in the 50th minute Nicole Valario managed to make the score 2: 4 for Switzerland, once again outnumbered.

In addition to the United States in the semi-finals (10:1), only Switzerland scored more than one goal against the Czech Republic in the World Cup Denmark.

Next season, the national championships of Finland (in November), Sweden (in December) and Germany (in February) will be the next pillars of the women’s national team’s program of activities.

Switzerland 2-4 Czech Republic (1-2, 0-2, 1-0)

Herning. 1294 spectators. – SR Heller/Levers (USA/Canada), Cameron/Hamar (Canada/Switzerland). – Goals: 8. Melnikova (Mrazova excluded, Tigralova / Marty) 0: 1. 12. Marty (Christians, Liman / Begzlova excluded) 1: 1. 16 – Besova (Laskova) 1-2. 22. Pribylova (Neubauerova, Peslarova) 1: 3. 30. Melenkova (Mrazova) 1: 4. 50. Vallario (Rüegg, Stalder / Exclusion Patkova) 2: 4. – Penalties: 6 times 2 minutes against Switzerland, 7 times 2 minutes against the Czech Republic.