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After winning a friendly match against the United States - summer: "We had difficult days" - Sports

After winning a friendly match against the United States – summer: “We had difficult days” – Sports

After a test match against the USA – summer: “We had tough days” – Sports – Real Madrid CF

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This is what the Swiss players had to say after their 2-1 victory over the United States in their first European Nations Cup friendlies.

The national team has yet to present itself in EM form in the friendly match against the USA. But there were reasons for this, as revealed by many players and coach Vladimir Petkovic in an interview after the match.

“We had a complicated first half. America a few days more preparation than we are now, they were more lively. We are still in the preparatory process. The win is important in the end, we played a good second half. It’s not supposed to be an excuse, but we’ve had some really tough days. But obviously the body language in the first half was not what we had imagined.”

“Today was an important test, but of course the main focus was on emerging markets. Part of the performance can certainly be attributed to training, but we also have to take our nose. What we have shown is not what we expect from ourselves.”

“We know there is still a lot to do before the first European Championship match. We weren’t quite as modern as we usually are. So we definitely didn’t play our best game. But it was a good test and we won.”

“We had difficulties in the first half and were not accurate, we gave the opponent a lot of space. I think it was a good test against a very good opponent who ran for 95 minutes and pressed. We are not 100 per cent ready yet, but we played a strong match.”

SRF Zwei, sportlive, May 30, 21, 7.30 p.m.;

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