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After this victory, it is almost impossible for Geesdorf to take first place

After this victory, it is almost impossible for Geesdorf to take first place

Football, Northwest National League, Primary group 1
Memmelsdorf Gesdorf 2:3 (1:3).

After a 3-2 win away from home at SV Memmelsdorf, FC Gisdorf could not be far from top in Group A of the Northwest Regional Football League.

This was the eleventh victory in the team’s fourteenth league game over player-coach Yannick Fidel. Eight points are the top two, this time free from FT Schweinfurt, who still has three games to play, while the Geesdorfers have only had to play twice this year.

Fidel said the win at Memmelsdorf was a deserved one, although it eventually “diminished again” after the hosts scored the connecting goal to make it 2:3 with a quarter of an hour left.

Put the accumulation away quickly

Despite the hosts’ lead after the first quarter of an hour, Geesdorf determined the match and reached a tie after a combination of several stops by Rene Rottendorf (min 19). “Talling gate,” Fidel was excited about the creation.

The player and coach said his team was largely “in control” of the match and opponents during a “good first half”. A goal from Vincent Heald, who scored at least once in the last four games, and an own goal from the home side, was reflected in the intermediate score between the first half.

Gisdorf had several chances to score the fourth and perhaps decisive goal after the break, but he missed them. The best was Niklas Stoudt when he stood alone in front of goalkeeper Thomas Schuberth of Millsdorf, but failed due to the sheer number of opportunities to get close to the opposing goalkeeper. “If you allow such a big opportunity, it weighs mentally as much as a defensive error,” Yannick Fidel said of his team’s poor behavior.

Memmelsdorf presses for compensation

So it happened that Memmelsdorf occupied the guests more in defense since the middle of the second half and shortened the difference with his two-time top scorer Louis Grasser, which kept the tension at least until the final whistle.

Because the leader won his sixth consecutive victory until the end. “Because we’ve been running at a very high level for 60 to 65 minutes, the win is okay for us,” Fidel commented.

In order to take Geesdorf out of first place, FT Schweinfurt will have to win all matches, while Geesdorf will have to lose in Coburg and against Friesen, as in the case of a tie, a direct comparison is important, which FC will decide for themselves after two wins.

Gisdorf: Kramer Federer (Schlarb 88), junior, Simon Weiglin, Hefner, Heald (Rio 72), Rottendorf (Schmidbauer 67), Yannick Wedel, Fabio Wedel, Staudt, Eisenmann.

Rule: The carpenter (the hypocrite). Viewers: 100. rip: 1:0 Louis Grasser (16), 1:1 Rene Rottendorf (19), 1:2 Vincent Heald (29), 1:3 Henrik Schoen (42, goal goal), 2:3 Louis Graser (75)).