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After the win against Australia: The DFP women also clearly beat Norway

German football women successfully design international doubles bag at Wisden. Following 5: 2 over Australia, national coach Martina Vos-Teklenberg’s team once again demonstrated the progress they have already made in building a powerful squad for the European Championship in England with a 3: 1 (2: 1) goal against Norway on Tuesday. In 2022. The guest tour was turned on by Laura Freelang (8th) and Linda Dolman (17th) by Kura Riding (4th). A dream combination gave Paulin Crumbigal’s first international goal (62nd) a 3-1 lead.


Vos-Teklenberg has changed the DFP squad only a few points compared to Saturday. Ann-Catherine Berger defended the goal and, as announced, Linda Dolman replaced Lina Magale in midfield, Alexandra Bob played for Sjok Noskan after recovering from injury, and Laura was likened to Leah Schuller on the freelong attack.

In the early stages Norway became a much more stubborn adversary than Australia. There were no consequences after a misunderstanding between Berger and Dolman in the 3rd minute, and a ride a minute later the German took advantage of the team’s exit to take a lead.

The confidence that the DFP players gained on Saturday was evident later. They pressure guests with violent attacks. After placing a shot next to the freelong goal, we got a draw in the following corner. What’s more: The Germans stayed on the trigger, once again with the superior Sarah Debritz, who started the tour with a strong defensive move, followed by an opening pass.

But Norway is dangerous. After all, it was desirable to vote in the German game in the backward movement. The left defense in particular was often orphaned, as both Leonie Meyer and Crumbickle were repeatedly dragged into the middle.

At half-time, Vos-Teklenberg switched, bringing in Debritz and Katherine Hendrich off the field and bringing in young Jules Brand and Nascan, who had promised against Australia. It also changed the structure somewhat. The TFP selection now operated with three chains of protection, operating between fast fire lines. With success. The Hoffenheim woman inevitably moved in the 62nd minute and worked with a remarkable pass on the back of the Norwegian defense crumb, who deliberately completed it.

In the ensuing period, the game of both teams was affected by several changes. However, with the hosts in control, they achieved the success they deserved.