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After the separation drama “Goodbye Germany”: Now the bridesmaid speaks

After the separation drama “Goodbye Germany”: Now the bridesmaid speaks

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Lefke, the “Goodbye Germany” immigrant, became single again shortly after her wedding. Amosiha eloped with her bridesmaid. It expresses itself.

MUNICH – Everything was set up for a wonderful future: I met the man of a lifetime in heaven, and I married a dream a few months later. But “Goodbye Germany” star Leifke Kersting (40 years old) stands in front of a pile of broken glass in Zanzibar. The breakup came just two months later, and supposed great love Amosi Ndamagaza (30) is now happily, of all people, a bridesmaid.

The man is relieved: the bridesmaid of the “Goodbye Germany” star comments

Kersting first had to process the shock. “Some really serious things have happened. The truth is that Amosi is in a relationship with my bridesmaid and lives with her as well. The North German described her state of mind in a video message on her Instagram channel titled 'Goodbye Germany': 'It tore that rug out from under me, to be honest.' “.

The maid of honor in question has already spoken about the immigrant's husband. She responded to Kersting's video message. “Now that I'm the focus here, in a story that clearly has two sides, as always, I'm also speaking out,” the woman, whose name appears to be Jessica, wrote. “The question is why does a man break up after a short period when everything seems to be fine? A man is not in a hurry to leave his wife just because another woman gets in his way,” she continued.

'Goodbye Germany' star's bridesmaid downplays breakup drama

Instead of being specific, the maid of honor offers some advice: “Ask, think and don't see the drama in everything. If you're looking for drama, you'll find this too. So stay calm. He who knows the truth does not judge.” One follower tried to shed some light on the matter. He pointed to the scene of the flower at the wedding. “He [Amosi, d. Red.] He brings flowers that he deems appropriate [Levke, d. Red.] He scolds instead of seeing his efforts. “This is not love,” he wrote, referring to why the breakup happened.

The maid of honor responded to this again. “True. And the culture clash we mentioned several times exists on both sides. “It's just about getting closer to each other,” she wrote, noting that “you can only see half of reality on TV.” We may know more soon. Lefke Kersting announced, Who left her true love behind for her dream of immigration, she wants to describe her perspective on the breakup drama. (metric tons) Sources used: “Goodbye Germany” channel on Instagram,