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After the rupture of the fourth cruciate ligament – Aline Danyuth – The Standing Woman – News

After the rupture of the fourth cruciate ligament – Aline Danyuth – The Standing Woman – News


In March, Aline Daneuth suffered a fourth cruciate ligament tear, which was considered “doomsday.” But the ski racer does not give up.

When Aline Danyuth talks about skiing, she uses big adjectives. On the boards it feels “incredible” and “indescribable”. “There are a lot of things I enjoy in life, but skiing is a whole different kind of fun,” says the Ore. native.

Sadness and disbelief

She had to wait a long time before she felt that way again. In March, Danyuth tore his cruciate ligament during the World Cup giant slalom. Once again – unfortunately, it has to be said. This was the ski racer's sixth serious injury and the fourth cruciate ligament tear.

“In the beginning it was the end of the world,” she says today. I knew what this injury meant and how much hard work it took to be able to skate again. She lay on the couch and cried for two days. “I felt a lot of sadness and disbelief.”

Low after high

His fourth ACL tear came after Danyuth had never performed better. She finished 10th at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. And in February 2023, she reached the pinnacle of her career: she finished the World Cup slalom in Meribel, France, in sixth place – her best ranking to date. The girls' dreams have come true.


Aline Daneuth in February 2023 after finishing sixth in the slalom in Méribel, France. A few weeks later, she suffered a fourth cruciate ligament tear.

Keystone / Marco Trovati

Danyuth celebrated these successes after a long injury-free period after tearing her cruciate ligament for the third time in October 2020. Nearly two years of rehabilitation followed before she was able to race again. The woman from Owerri has successfully made her way back to the slopes. In the spring of 2023, after tearing her fourth cruciate ligament, she decided to do it again.

Reach your goal in small steps

“I realized there was no point in lying down and crying. “It's a negative spiral,” Danyuth says today. So she pulled herself together and looked for new goals. Fortunately, after her recent injury, along with physical therapy, she developed a recipe for staying motivated on the difficult road back.

Aline Danyuth is a figure skater


Aline Danyuth during her slalom journey at the 2022 Beijing Olympics. She finished in 10th place, exceeding her own expectations. Not long ago, she was on hiatus due to injury.

Keystone/Alessandro Trovati

It identifies small stages on the path to improvement. That way she can work toward those goals and celebrate success every four to six weeks instead of having a big goal in mind. When she was able to ditch her crutches in June, for example, she really celebrated. “You stay motivated because goals are predictable.”

Back next season

The strategy seems to be working again. A good week ago, ten months after tearing his cruciate ligament, Danyuth returned to skating. In Instagram photos, you can see her beaming and cheering as if she won a race. “That was very emotional.”

She would love to be on boards again every day, but she knows that's not possible yet. “I am at a delicate stage and need patience,” Danyuth says. She won't be able to start actual slalom training for another two months. She probably won't be back this World Cup season. But the 25-year-old is convinced the next one will happen. “I know there's more in me.”