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After the dissolution of Büetzer Buebe, Marc Trauffer returned as Alpentainer

After the Büetzer Buebe, the Alpentainer returns

Trauffer lets her glöggelä!

On Sunday, after the two parties in Letzigrund, Büetzer Buebe announced their separation. Now Marc Trauffer returns as Alpentainer with the new album “Glöggelä”, which will be released on October 28. As of March 2023, he will be on another tour with his band.


With the album “Glöggelä” Trauffer returns as Alpentainer.

Jean-Claude Galle

With the new album “Glöggelä” and its associated tour, Marc Trauffer (43) returns five years after his last live performance as Alpentainer. Bernese Oberlander is currently the most successful dialect artist. His last three solo albums have gone platinum six times and have recorded 33.8 million streams and 20.2 million video views. “Glöggelä” will be released on October 28, and the tour will begin in March 2023. “It’s been ages since I haven’t seen my fans,” Trauffer told Blake.

Buetzer Buebe: “We will play our last observation at Lizzie Stadium”(02:29)

The fact that the announcement came shortly after Büetzer Buebe’s dissolution is due to the confusion that still reverberates in his agenda. “Actually, I had a complicated master plan,” Trauffer says. « 2019 with Büetzer Buebe to Eidgenö chassisches, 2020 playing in Letzigrund, releasing a new Trauffer album in 2021 and going on tour. After that I wanted to let the music rest for a while and open my hotel in 2022. Unfortunately, this plan was in vain and everything was focused on it this year.”