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After the assassination of President Moss – the United States rejects Haiti’s request and does not send US troops – News

  • The United States has rejected Haiti’s request to support the Caribbean island nation with military troops.
  • After the assassination of Haitian President Jovanel Moss, Haiti sought the support of the United Nations (UN) and the United States military to stabilize the situation in the country.
  • News agencies report and quote a US government official.

The White House has said the United States has no plans to provide military assistance to Haiti at this time. During a conversation between Claude Joseph, the interim head of government in Haiti, and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Joseph asked U.S. troops to protect the airport and ports.


Claude Joseph became interim head of government after the assassination of Haitian President Jovnell Moss.

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A White House spokesman said: “The United States is committed to supporting Haiti in the wake of the massacre and is in close consultation with Haitian and international partners.

The personnel sent to Haiti need to assess the situation on the ground and determine how the United States can help further, Zaki said. “In addition, we announced a total of $ 75.5 million in grants in January to strengthen democratic governance, health and education, and the electoral system. Finally, Haiti is one of the countries receiving vaccines from the United States,” a White House spokesman told the US media.

Several news organizations reported that they had asked the United Nations for help. According to Haitian police, at least 28 people were directly involved in the assassination of President Joanel Moss. 17 Assamese were arrested.