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After teasing Zoff with the ex-Bachelorette — the ‘Let’s Dance’ star is back

At first she didn’t want to, then she did, and then there was a lot of sweat and flogging and an RTL crunch session.

In short, this is the week of “Let’s Dance” for former Bachelorette Sharon Batiste (31) and her dance partner Christian Polanque (44).

On Friday evening, the two danced on the floor of RTL as if nothing had happened. The jury gave her 23 points for her samba.

However, negative comments are growing on the professional dancer’s Instagram channel. “One feels that there is something wrong between you and Sharon. You can read that,” she notes, for example.

Or: “Somehow I feel a distance between you. It has also felt between you and your partners in the past two seasons. (…) »

Lots of professional dancers, Bolan. He responds to his “coffee talk” on Instagram. “It’s kinderka***,” said the 44-year-old.

“One question we are always asked really bothers me. I don’t feel like justifying myself for any nonsense.”

The “Let’s Dance” star continues: “Unfortunately, these feelings are colored by such negative reports and have nothing to do with the truth! We are a huge team and we will simply prove you wrong instead of justifying ourselves for nonsense.”