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After Monsanto takeover - Bayer suffers defeat in US court over chemical PCB - News

After Monsanto takeover – Bayer suffers defeat in US court over chemical PCB – News

  • German chemical company Bayer suffered another defeat in court in the United States over contaminated sites from the control of Monsanto.
  • A Washington state jury has ordered the company to pay a total of $62 million to the students and other people.
  • They have reported being exposed to chemical polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) on a Washington school building.

This is the second judgment against Bayer in connection with the PCB at Sky Valley Education Center in Monroe, Washington. A case involving the teachers resulted in a $185 million judgment against Bayer in July.

The Leverkusen-based pharmaceutical and agrochemical group has appealed against it. Nearly 200 people, including students, parents and staff, have sued Bayer for its alleged contamination of PCBs in the school, and 19 more lawsuits are due to be decided upon.

Bayer puts the responsibility on Monsanto

Bayer stated that the school found very low levels of PCBs and that there was no evidence that the chemical was the cause of the plaintiffs’ health problems. On the other hand, prosecutors attribute their asthma and cognitive impairment complaints to the PCBs found in fluorescent lamp ballasts in Sky Valley.

Bayer has already stated that the components were installed by Monsanto customers and had to be replaced decades ago. Monsanto manufactured PCBs, which were used in transformers, as hydraulic fluids or as a plasticizer in paints and seals, from 1935 to 1977. The chemical, one of twelve organic toxins known as the “dirty dozen,” was banned, In the United States in 1979 and worldwide in 2004.