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After Hurricane Ida – Biden Goes to South American Disaster Area – News

  • In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, the US President visited the disaster area in the south of the United States.
  • Biden landed in New Orleans, Louisiana to get an idea of ​​the serious damage.
  • He went to particularly severely affected areas and inspected the damage from the wind.
  • He assured the victims of the financial assistance of the Central Government.

Hurricane Louisiana and the neighboring state of Mississippi have killed at least 13 people. White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre said 800,000 homes on the plane to New Orleans were still without electricity.

Biden met with John Bell Edwards, the Democratic governor of Louisiana, and other local politicians. He assured that the government would work day and night to bring electricity to the affected families as soon as possible. According to the responsible energy company, the area around New Orleans should have power again by the middle of next week.

Biden promotes better infrastructure

At the same time, he used the opportunity to promote the expansion of infrastructure. Storms will be more violent and frequent in the future due to the climate crisis. Infrastructure, which is diseased in many parts of the United States, must be conducive to this growth. The president called on Congress to provide funding for infrastructure expansion.

An example is underground power cables. These will incur higher costs in the short term. However, in the long run, they are cheaper because they are much less susceptible to storms.

Numerous deaths and major damage

“Ida” hit the southwest coast of New Orleans on Sunday, causing four (in five) hurricanes and disasters. The storm then weakened the terrain and moved northeast. There, heavy rains and catastrophic flooding hit New York City and several other states.

At least 46 people died in the Northeast, including 23 in New Jersey, 16 in New York City and 5 in Pennsylvania, one each in Connecticut and Maryland. In addition, according to the National Weather Service (NWS), at least eight hurricanes caused damage, mostly in New Jersey.