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After falling out with Gerard Pique, Shakira can laugh with strangers

The singer surfs with strangers

Shakira has overcome a traumatic breakup

After pop star Shakira and soccer player Gerard Pique announced the end of their love in early June, Shakira occupies herself with surfing — and she’s not alone.

Publication date: 10:00 PM


Updated: 9:11 PM

About a month ago, singer Shakira (45) and footballer Gerard Pique (35) announced that they would go their separate ways from now on. then: It is said that Shakira caught her husband red-handed with another woman. The shock was deep. She had a panic attack and had to take her to the hospital, according to eyewitnesses from the Spanish “iHola” magazine! He said. But Shakira has not lost her laugh, as new photos appear.

The “Whenever, Wherever” singer enjoys watching some waves on a surfboard in Asturias, Spain. And she is not alone in this. An unknown man keeps her company. He is standing in the water near Shakira as she is lying on her surfboard and smiling.