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After allegations of corruption: the European Parliament dismisses Eva Kaili

Excluded from her party and from the Social Democratic group in the European Parliament: Greek politician Eva Kaili.

Eva Kayli loses her position as Vice-President of the European Parliament due to serious corruption allegations. On Tuesday in Strasbourg, members of the European Parliament voted with only one dissenting vote for the immediate removal from Greece of the politician, who is currently in detention. The leaders of the parliamentary groups in the European Parliament had already voted unanimously in favor of this in the morning.

Kylie herself had her lawyer protest her innocence. “Her position is that she is innocent. It has nothing to do with the money flows from Qatar, absolutely nothing,” Michalis Dimitrakopoulos told Greece’s Open TV. He was not allowed to comment on the details. He also did not have a picture of whether the money had been found, and if So, what are the amounts.But Dimitrakopoulos dismisses media reports that 160,000 euros were found under the cradle of Kylie’s little daughter.