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After a strike at British Railways, disruption is threatened until January

A multi-day strike by rail unions in England ended early on Tuesday. Disruption is now expected until January.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • A strike by rail unions in England ended early on Tuesday.
  • Route operator Network Rail has now warned of “significant disruption” until January.

Rail passengers in the UK are also essential After the conclusion A strike in the railways lasted for several days. Route operator Network Rail warned on Tuesday night of “significant disruption” until January.

Although a hike ends early Tuesday morning Labor union RMT is over Christmas On Network Rail. However, traffic was expected to return to normal by the end of the day.

A strike has also been announced in private companies. It started on Monday evening Labor union TSSA is a 24 hour strike With rail provider Cross Country, it covers important long-distance connections.

TSSA members responsible for training, controls, customer contact and timetables at Great Western Railway and West Midlands Trains are required for a day from this Wednesday afternoon. Get work done.

Major problems in the British rail network

The transport ministry has asked the unions to call off the strike and accept the fare offer from private railways. Labor representatives, however, have made the demand in view of the cost of living increase Significantly higher pay rise As well as greater job security in view of widespread austerity measures. The RMT has already announced further strikes in early January.

According to an analysis by the Guardian, Britain’s rail network has enormous problems. According to this, more than half of the trains departing from 15 most important stations this year experienced delays or other disruptions.

According to experts, there are problems Privatization Railway Company. This has resulted in high cost and expense to the public Grants Guided. The pandemic has exacerbated labor shortages.

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