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After 0:29!  Crazy Steelers Catch Up - American Football

After 0:29! Crazy Steelers Catch Up – American Football

Win Nsuta!

The Minnesota Vikings kick off Week 14 in the NFL with 36:28 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Its an amazing roller coaster game!

With the win, the Vikings now have their eyes on the playoffs.

But it’s all about the Steelers! They’re already 0:29 behind – and they’re starting to catch up with the craziest catch of the year.

It’s a laughing NFL duel! Because both teams were the only team that did not beat the losing Lions! The face of the Steelers. Then the Vikings embarrassed themselves last weekend – and made Detroit their first win of the season possible.

Vikings win at Vogelkiller Stadium!

Bird deaths in US Bank Stadium are twice as high as any other building in Minnesota due to slightly reflective glass facades – as revealed by DAZN during a live broadcast.

First points! Justin Jefferson is completely free in the end zone – and gets a pass from Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​precisely up front. drop!

However, Greg Joseph’s kick is sailing. His second miss! Before that, he hit a try from 53 yards.

But Joseph still managed to do it! His field goal increased to 9:0!

Look at the cook! Vikings running back Dalphin Cook bites his teeth, despite a shoulder injury – and runs up to the landing with a special support bandage! With an additional point now 16:0!

Cook had dislocated his shoulder eleven days ago. But instead of a long break, he’s back now – miraculous healing!

Cooking is unstoppable! Despite the injury, the man with the Rasta hairstyle runs to the next landing! The Steelers’ defense, where TJ Watt must be taken off with a groin injury, looks really bad again. Kick now 23: 0! Wonderful!

From Oldie playmaker Ben Roethlisberger, who recently stopped training on Wednesday and Thursday, little has been seen so far.

In the first half, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin counts his team on US TV: “We play like the school team!”

And another field goal there! 29: 0 for the Vikings.

Na too! Near the end of the third quarter, the Steelers made their first point: relegation Nagy Harris. kick inside. Only 29:7.

Notch money rookie Harris! Relegation again, kick now only 14:29 – Can the Steelers continue again?

Dude what’s going on here? James Washington catches a powerful pass from Roethlisberger. drop! Hue! However, the two-point conversion does not work. Still: only 20:29! And still playing for more than twelve minutes.

The Vikings were shocked – but they responded! Arrival Cousins ​​passes over 62 yards to KJ Osborn for a touchdown. kick plus. 36:20!

Now it’s the Steelers’ turn again! Pat Freermouth with landing. Very strong pass from Roethlisberger. This time the two-point conversion runs at 28:36.

With the last minute, the Steelers throw everything forward! And in the end, millimeters are missing for safe hunting. The end – the Vikings win this crazy game!


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