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Advantages and disadvantages of OpenAI’s AI


OpenAI AI is still free for registered users.

There are still problems here, such as wrong or incorrect information or template-like answers. But progress is clearly visible. Microsoft is now expanding its collaboration with OpenAI According to media reports, it will invest about ten billion dollars in the coming years. What makes ChatGPT so much better? Here are the most important questions and answers.

Who founded OpenAI?

OpenAI started as a foundation in San Francisco in 2015. Well-known tech entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, and Sam Altman have given a total of $1 billion towards one goal: to develop AI that “benefits all of humanity,” as the law says. .

Elon Musk left in 2018 because the automaker he runs developed the AI ​​itself. A year later, there was a turning point: the enterprise ran out of money because computing power and corresponding specialists were expensive. It was also not easy to bring experts into the organization – after all, Google or Meta offers high salaries and stock options.

Who owns OpenAI?

Therefore, a for-profit subsidiary was formed, led by founder Altmann. All employees of the organization received shares, Microsoft invested a billion dollars, and venture capitalists like Khosla Venture or LinkedIn founder Hoffman joined in.

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Today, OpenAI is one of the most valuable startups in the US, with a valuation of $29 billion. Posts are organized in a complex manner in order to do justice to the structure of the organization. According to various US technology media, Microsoft owns 49% of the company, and other investors together own 49%. The foundation owns the remaining 2%.

What is ChatGPT?

The name stands for “Chat Generative Pre-trainer Transformer”, which was released at the end of November by OpenAI. The chatbot is based on a machine learning model that understands human input and responds in a way that feels natural. The chatbot can write poems, summarize texts, or even program.

ChatGPT uses language models – currently Chat-3.5 – that are trained using huge amounts of data, what are called Language Large Models (LLM). 175 billion parameters and 800 GB of storage were used for this.

How does OpenAI’s ChatGPT work?

The model works on the principle of reinforcement learning. The program independently develops a strategy in several stages, which is controlled by “bonuses”. These can be positive or negative feedback, monitored and provided by humans in the early stages. At the highest level, the software optimizes itself using what is called “proximity policy optimization” (PPO).

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However, the model can be as good as the data. For example, if there are racial biases, the software will also reproduce them. To avoid this, the OpenAI developers have used a “moderation filter”, which has not been bad so far.

What can you do with ChatGPT?

Everyone can use ChatGPT for free after registration. However, due to the great interest in the site, he is often brought to his knees. Anyone who enters the program can create texts that read eloquently and in an organized manner and can be by a journalist or writer. Can understand sentences of up to 1,500 words.

The chatbot is so good that it could pass the MBA exam at the US’s own Wharton University — with a score of “two minus,” Professor Christian Terwich recently wrote in a study. The explanations were EXCELLENT.

Does ChatGPT 3 speak German?

ChatGPT can also translate and speak many languages. However, the German language has problems with punctuation and grammar, and sentences are sometimes long and complex.

The potential is still huge. ChatGPT can change daily work in many industries. Microsoft wants to integrate the AI ​​tool into its Bing search engine, which will then work in a completely new way. Users can then make search queries as if they were human and receive complete answers rather than a list of links.

What are the disadvantages of ChatGPT?

The developers place great importance on not giving false, misleading or harmful answers. However, there are many examples where users have been able to do this. In the “Historical Figures” app, which uses ChatGPT, users can talk with Jesus or the Beatles – but recently also with Adolf Hitler and other dictators.

However, compared to other chat software, ChatGPT is much better at avoiding stereotypes. What is always missing are the sources, and the program offers no possibilities for its data.

Basically, caution is always advised: ChatGPT often gives wrong answers with great eloquence and authority. It falls under trick questions, vague topics being particularly problematic. The current questions are also taboo because the software is only trained on data until the end of 2021. The software answers questions such as the 2022 World Cup, but it is speculation.

What is the OpenAI API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is a programming interface. Developers can use this to integrate applications from OpenAI into their applications without having to apply to the company, as was the case previously.

OpenAI used to be very reluctant to do this, for fear of misinformation campaigns, spam, or fraud. But in 2021, the company changed its stance, according to its own data, building in enough security mechanisms like “content filters” and API versioning. But anyone who violates terms like the ban on sexual content will be kicked out.

What AI software is still available?

There is a whole host of shows, each with strengths and weaknesses. For example, OpenAI offers Dall-E, which creates images from text descriptions on demand. The software is based on ChatGPT and has recently stopped being free – it is said to cost around 40€ per month.

The alternative is Bloom, which is the only program with 176 billion variables trained on more data than ChatGPT. Proficient in 46 languages ​​and 13 programming languages. The open source software is freely available and is especially valuable in rare languages ​​such as Kiswahili. It can summarize or translate text and has been trained on data until July 2022. However, you have to pay $40 an hour for the cloud service.

Given the hype surrounding ChatGPT, rumors are growing that Google will soon follow suit. The internet group has been working on something called the Language Model for Dialog Applications (Lamda) for some time. This is already being used in the “AI Test Kitchen” app, which only works on Android smartphones and is only available on a small scale.

First Posted: 01/24/2023 at 5:02 PM.