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Advances in Chile are destined for the rich – Brenza Latin

Despite the reluctance of right-wing parliamentarians to form the commission, the government took the initiative, announcing that it would appeal to the Constitutional Court to rescind this important plan.

It was presented last year by several representatives of the Communist Party and other opposition banks, seeking to raise more than six billion dollars, which would allow them to provide emergency basic income for several months to a large portion of the population from Chile.

This economic support is made possible by a one-time 2.5 percent tax on the total assets of Chileans with assets in Chile and abroad, equivalent to $ 22 million or more in capital.

Seven votes were cast in favor of the text, which its promoters called “imposed on the super-rich,” with all opposition parties voting five votes against right-wing legislators, one of whom belonged to the National Renewal Party.

After the vote, Maximo Pavas, deputy secretary general of the Presidential Secretariat, who attended the committee’s session, announced that the government was proposing a constitutional reservation because the text “presents significant shortcomings” in La Monetta’s view.

The initiative comes at a time when broader political and social sectors are seeking additional assistance from the government so that millions of Chileans who have lost their jobs or lost their income could face the economic hardships caused by the Govt epidemic. 19.

Under debate in parliament, it includes a proposal for millions of citizens to withdraw one-third of their pension funds, with the aim of mitigating the crisis with personal resources, in the absence of timely government support.

But the executive also rejects the move, saying it is unconstitutional.

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