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Admission from China - Chinese Covid-19 vaccine is only 50 percent effective - news

Admission from China – Chinese Covid-19 vaccine is only 50 percent effective – news


Clinical studies show that the Sinopharma vaccine is not very effective. China now wants to get better.

The Covid-19 vaccines produced in their country are also bringing geopolitical benefits to China: 115 million vaccine doses had been exported worldwide by the end of March. At least 70 countries have approved or want to purchase this vaccine.

It was already known that the effectiveness of vaccines from China lags behind other vaccines. However, what is new is that this has now been accepted by leading Chinese epidemiologists.

Relatively low efficacy

As early as January, clinical studies from Brazil showed that the Sinopharm vaccine was only 50 percent effective. It wasn’t until three months later that the Chinese authorities recognized this.

But the manufacturer, Sinovac Biotech, cautions against generalizing the results: “The effectiveness of vaccination depends on various factors: the local expression of the virus, the severity of the outbreak, the vaccination program or the age of the people tested. These are all,” said Liu Baisheng, a media spokesperson for Sinovac Biotech. Reasons why Sinopharm vaccine protection is different everywhere.

Global use of Chinese vaccine

However, China is releasing vaccines that are unparalleled in any other country. According to the Institute for Scientific Analysis of Airfinity in London, at least 70 countries obtain the vaccine from China. China has also donated vaccination doses to 37 countries – perhaps not without ulterior motives.

For example, Viktor Orban, head of government of an EU country, vaccinated Sinopharm in an overtly effective manner. Other senior politicians from all over the world have done the same. These are big headlines in favor of China.

To make the vaccine more effective, China is studying a mixture of different preparations. With this, China wants to solve its credibility problem in international vaccination diplomacy after Sinopharm’s poor performance.